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    transplantation, are those in which, through extensive injury, there exists a

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    caused by stimulated peristalsis may, and frequently does, rupture these

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    others, he concludes that every period of life has its peculiar and appropriate

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    "* This term admits of being used in P^nglish, and is, perhaps, as satisfactory as " meiopragie,"

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    or pus cells; amorphous urates; a few crystals of calcium phosphates.

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    drop by drop the blood fell to the floor. He called attention to the blood

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    practiced at Alliance for a number of years, coming to Cleveland

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    passive Expiration Theory. 330 pp. Illustrated. C. V. Mosby Co., St.

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    4. At other times the same patients were refractory to transfusion as

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    «1 « K < < B «V)CD w S ffl *> K CO ♦»

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    It is probable, however, that it began rather earlier than at that period.

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    fusely illustrated with three plates and eighteen figures.

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    has used this remedy quite extensively and reports that his experience

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    April 5, after two days of lull, convoys began coming in again and in

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    canal. The sutures and fontanelles are widely open. Spine, straight on the

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    Company of Indiana, Chicago (J oar. A. M. A*, Nov. 3, 1917, p. 1525).

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    some time past, with a resum^ of some of his cases. He performs the opera-

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    name of its presiding officer from that of chairman to moderator.

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    tion being much improved during the periods of pregnancy, would show