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    bv Various Writers. 2nd edition. XX. 911 pp. Illustrated. Wm.
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    level of the nipple, when the true presystolic sound could not be heard.
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    2 — Injuries of the pelvic organs due to childbirth and their treatment.
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    German," and contributed articles on allied subjects to the medical
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    All the characteristic findings of the latter condition may be
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    1918, and be signed by a fictitious name, and accompanied by an envelope
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    stupid state ; he could be aroused by an effort, and would utter a peevish,
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    right arm and leg seem to be fuller and stronger, though a certain amount of paralysis still
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    NEQUIN {Rev. de Chir., August, 1893), in which they reproduced the functions
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    interest as showing the general diminution in the bulk of the body and
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    theless I think that a physician has a distinct duty to the public to perform. It has
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    water being each time returned only slightly colored with the
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    in cure, one lavage only being necessary (eleven cases). In some the diar-
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    able part of the lung. The lung has a double blood supply, the bronchial
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    the tissues in their whole thickness and depth, rather than by peripheral
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    rachitis. The patient lies with the thighs abducted and the legs flexed on the
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    legislative action for the stopping of advertisements of so-called cure-alls. It is fair
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    emulation. We have reference to Michigan and its State Board of
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    salipyrin was continued for two weeks, in the same dose, given three times
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    and about, and played tennis. After a fall at tennis the pain became
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    reception of those suspected of lunacy. He said that an ideal institution for this
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    of room to spread and grow and fine prospects of doing so. It had very con-
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    that was the only breeding system that Lavarack ever followed.
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    Photographs are certainly preferable to descriptions of any kind; but
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    more important than very high class asepsis. Moreover, in the young
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    of sensation, which are evolved from the lower and simpler levels, such as the
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    muscle on the other side, bringing the needle down into the fibres
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    Another striking fact is the rapid development of the worm, which, at the
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    It is evident, too, that our present definitions of anaemia are insuflS-
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    mitis in young children without sign of disease in the globe. While
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    to lobar pneumonia. Just why this is so, and considering the severity of
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    by means of the tubes of Chaussier and Depaul ; 3, insufflation with the tubes
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    neglected. I do not wish the not infrequent combination orchi-epididy-
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    entirely obliterated, and their place occupied by a small quantity of
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    class of R. T. O.'s. Although the first one had started me for the wrong
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    The Names of Our Friends Appear in These Advertising Pages
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    interest of the reader. It is to be regretted that space did not permit a
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    Sciences, considers the relationship of enteroptosis and sub-
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    ptosis, but he can lift the upper lid voluntarily without elevation of the
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    time since the meeting of the Society in September, called upon to