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    guinity in the parents (first cousins) were noted. In addition to the well-
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    been tied. After a review of 261 cases, 135 of which he had had compiled
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    special Act " to sue for and recover the fines due from persons for
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    ing Roumania in September. The hospital unit was established at Roman,
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    medicine is as difficult as real warfare. We are constantly observing new things.
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    forty-eight hours there was an excellent growth, and a microscopic ex-
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    domaine des nugues made by g sparkling gamay
    ^nrcrirfll l\Tnr^P REGISTERED IN OHIO— Wishes position
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    idea that the improvement in these cases is due to a temporary effect
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    From our acquaintance with the author's contributions to medical litera-
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    the lips of the wound and bringing them together with sutures, but
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    great part composed of changed fibrin, basing this opinion chiefly upon the
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    The venous hum over the bulbus venosus means that the
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    few days, or even in a few hours, but in a few moments after the giving
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    sclerosis of the medulla. A case from Garel's clinic, so reported by J. Collet
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    facts or statements beyond those citing them to their primary origin,
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    the articular processes of these vertebrae, must have existed, although
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    through a circular opening in the diaphragm to the left of the esophagus
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    In the Johns Hopkins Hospital Reports, 1893, vol. iii. Nos. 4-6, is to be found
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    more usual, and so are functional dynamic apex murmurs. I have
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