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    vals. The uvula is swollen, more upon the left, and the mucous membrane is

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    James has determined by experimentation the normal urinary pressure

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    Then, from his height we shall see in which series of drawers we

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    parasites, and no crescents or flagellate bodies. There are a few poly-

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    haemoglobin ; after massage, 6,400,000 corpuscles and 85 per cent, of

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    then be flexed and that the cut ends of the tendon separated for three-

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    of the wound, however, revealed the following condition of things :

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    increased blood pressure. If perfect rest cannot be obtained, morphin or

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    (36° to 39° C), or first in a chamber which is filled with hydrogen, and

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    head of the humerus, as tuberculosis, lues and neoplasm, and brachial neu-

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    McBurney's point in the diagnosis of appendicitis. The tenderness

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    HILMA S. A. PAMLIH, M. G., Graduate of Capt. P. Ekman's

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    used to locate the centres (secondary current coil H exposed). The

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    secondly, long duration of the condition before operation ; and thirdly,

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    sting in the eye by a fly which had apparently risen from a dunghill. That

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    tions of round cells and the number of cells in the perineurium of the nerve

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    There were tenderness and redness at the most prominent point above left

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    Test). — An ointment consisting of tuberculin "Old" and anhydrous wool

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    The venous hum over the bulbus venosus means that the