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    three of the observations there was an increase in the number of cor-

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    tube, the patient soon learning how to attend to it, opening the stopcock

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    then containing many spore-bearing tetanus bacilli, besides other

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    favorable to alcohol, this should be supplanted with a dislike or

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    most frequently met with ; but in every considerable epidemic there is apt to

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    nature of the case entitled only to a secondary consideration, while in

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    supplying the nutrition of the lung and the pulmonary which brings the blood

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    accompanied by flatulence. After a few weeks she had a similar attack

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    twenty-seven deaths from " inflammation of the bowels " in young males.

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    The Origin of the Epigastric Pain in Case of Gastric and Duodenal

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    colostrum secretion, milk secretion, bluish discoloration of the

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    the swelling. This incision was later amplified by a small transverse

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    me as a possible case of myxoedema. In the clinical pictures presented

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    most frequent of ^hese was the bacillus coli communis, which was present in

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    As to the number of corpuscles present, the average of a number of

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    between the height of the nipple and the breadth of its base ; the higher the

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    An examination of her urine was made during the time of her eclamp-

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    U. S. Sloop of War Vincennes, Acting Past. Asst. Surg. August, 1865.

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    he was obliged to count the cost of each article on the menu. This

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    medical practise may be taken up, impressed as all are, whether doctors

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    promote the action of the liver and kidneys as well. This should be

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    were simply good, that fact would be a sufficient argument against

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    the process of expulsion in the these cases lasts often several days.

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    2. Nothing in his researches tended to prove that the ganglia have, or

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    author has the courage of his convictions and speaks them in no uncer-

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    Macomb. The village of Mackinac, in which was located the fort,

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    popularly used from time immemorial for all sorts of abdominal pains, and

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    Mr. G., reported to me for treatment in July, 1892, when I turned him

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    show that cholera bacilli have considerable power to withstand cold and that

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    the subarachnoid space where it is absorbed. Both varieties are in reality

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    epidemic, to look upon all such with suspicion and treat the same as

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    tion has been given to the artificial lighting, which is necessary on

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    bility, and that a spoken word set in automatic motion all these centres and

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    duced by the regurgitation from the pars membranacea into the bladder and

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    reduced to 38. It is thus possible to save practically 50 per cent of the

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    highly differentiated end product with specific microchemical properties.

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    des Maladies de V Enfance, 1893, p. 49), upon this subject, to which attention

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    adhesions about a perforated appendix, well shut off, and removed the

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    A count of leucocytes shows the following proportion : largo lympho-

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    The technic of blood culture and isolation of the organism is given in

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    to the country, mountains, or seashore, or among the poorer classes,

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    that possess this power — and there are many of them — because the com-

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    France. That such cases have existed and have been recognized, is

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    is exceptional. It would, therefore, seem that labial herpes occurring with

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    Sewage of different degrees of foulness was used. With Potsdam sewage,

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    quality of paper, and clearness of type and illustrations. But, of course,

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    position of the limb, the qualities and positions of foreign bodies touching

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    western University Medical School ; Associate Attending Pediatrician, Michael

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    fruitful conclusions in the direction of obtaining effective agents for

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    tin tubes were examined. They had been kept at the room temperature,

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    ties we do not find time to keep abreast of the advance in special

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    ever, glucose was present, and possibly acetone would have developed

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    des Maladies de V Enfance, 1893, p. 49), upon this subject, to which attention

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    medicine, then considering Egyptian Medicine, Sumerian and Oriental

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    largely recognized in relation to matters concerning the civil govern-