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    7. Dermographism is an essential feature of vasomotor ataxia, and in

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    shreds, or as a triangular cast of the uterine cavity, with dimen

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    THE above forceps is six and three-quarter inches long

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    require the fearless administration of quinine ; and this drug may be

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    tumors known to the literature, the record being one weighing 268 pounds.

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    given as a prophylactic before any operation where the urine may become

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    lished that it is not the age, per se, of parents which is con-

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    There were tenderness and redness at the most prominent point above left

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    the treatment though successfully used in adults, is inappropriate with

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    On motion, the Council advised that the Health Department draw up

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    time of convalescence after the operation. It does not apparently directly

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    This is a small volume filled with the richest experience in cases of

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    4. Aplastic anemia. In aplastic anemia just the reverse is the

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    These two patients, and a sister of theirs who is subject to profuse