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    has thus far brought to light any tumors due to parasitic action that

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    no recurrence of the swelling, and motion of the fingers was perfect.

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    vagina, I certainly believe that this is the best method to use. The

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    being exempt. Our laparotomists will, I think, agree that any abdom-

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    as pus is replaced by serum, even in the presence of considerable fever. A

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    suffering should consider the modes of reaching these beneficent ends at the seat of

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    when the heart settles down to a chronic course, ten or fifteen drops of the

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    ?ase your patient's pain and discomfort, while your internal c

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    the natural period of growth the changes become exaggerated, and an

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    was extreme. If objection was made to the fluid preparations, digipuratum

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    12623 Superior Ave GUY B. DODGE, Director Eddy 3716; Crest 798-W

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    careers and inexplicable life's failures have resulted from this

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    the fame of Johannes Mueller. Here he continued his dissections of de-

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    U. 3>S?3eC^^rH -rt BO n -H ^S^ ^O^* 1 CO C»-.Or<<M«>rHCM ©ON »rM CM*

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    of Englishmen. There can be no doubt about the rationality and

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    sudden and often marked elevations and depressions of the temperature

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    results. An uncomplicated cerebral abscess whose position is clearly

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    The general development of the individual falls into two groups. The

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    noticeable resistance, which was overcome with slightly greater pressure.

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    disease, but in patients of 50 years and older the neurological signs

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    minuted fracture of the tubercle and upper surface of the tibia.

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    visceral manifestations, the myocardites. The diet should not include any

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    ing his seventh year is denied efficient care for his illness or disability.

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    effects have been noticed when large doses have been given ; feelings of