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    Leonard G. Guthrie {Lancet, January 27, 1894, p. 193) makes some
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    treatment applicable to all the joints, if the knee is kept extended at
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    against their adoption at this time, it being deemed unsafe and unneces-
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    Evening improvement slight. The temperature, respiration, and pulse
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    distemper as he observed it in the townships of Long Island. His last
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    Nagel [Archiv fur Oynakologie, Band xliv., Heft 1) contributes an article
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    occur are those of myxedema, or apparently rarely those of hyperthyroid-
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    the floor, the water, carrying with it the filth, ran through the crevices,
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    injections of fiftieth normal sodium cyanid solution (0.1%) there is produced
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    "Errors of Refraction." It is easy to see here that the senior
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    Contact. — Here again it is difficult to prove relationship of
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    H. H. MULHOLLAND 3531 Prospect Ave., CLEVELAND, OHIO
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    and are used in from I to 2 per cent, solutions for medicinal purposes. These
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    a very small amount of space. You have all seen these hyeroglyphics
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    is a most convenient, most rapid, and the least dangerous anaesthetic. The
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    feelings of muscular uneasiness, then followed by irregular, twitching
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    deodorizer. In wounds its oily properties act as a soap, and thus it more
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    proved, and in general his urgent symptoms were relieved, and one year later
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    the anlyses of numerous samples of solder employed show that it contains
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    In the paranoid forms, delusions are pronounced and may per-
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    eral health has been good. Had typhoid 20 years ago. One year ago he
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    obtained that while it is perhaps not to be considered as established for
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    attack of the epidemic disease does not protect from a second. One
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    professional life in America; there is a tendency to sectional caucussing
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    is a convenient and efficient drug for this purpose. The bath and pack
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    muscular manifestations of the diathetic vice becomes more pronounced
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    seems to depend upon a feebleness in the co ordinating mechanisms
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    not without interest, and in relating them in connection with some
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    mented upon. In the case of the staphylococcus pyogenes aureus a simple
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    establish. To get this position properly and systematically he places the
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    hand the swollen cylinders, which occur singly or in groups, always fill
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    an occasional low-grade idiot. With two exceptions the general health of
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    no Petri dishes, the usual plate cultures were made, and these placed in an
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    H. P. COLLINS, Business Manager, Box No. 4, College Hill, CINCINNATI, OHIO
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    counter pull against the uterine contraction. Whatever force the
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    women. Therefore caution should be exercised in using the drug during
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    lated, local, and general. 3. From the first application the fever yields, but
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    Alterations in the proof involving an excessive amount of work, will be charged
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    October 22. Patient says he took about two ounces of iodide during
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    ^PRAINED Nursing Service may be secured on the Visit
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    pale area. There is not very much difference in size, shape and
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    cluding chapter on after-treatment is, with the addition of the treatment
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    He points out and illustrates by a good woodcut (Fig. 13) that the
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    attempted movement there resulted tremor proportional to the extent of the
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    in these spaces an occasional " polynuclear " leucocyte is seen. There
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    projecting beyond the lids. The circumference was 14.5 centimetres, diam-
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    Various methods are employed to refill the depleted veins and to
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    gestion of the Chairman, further consideration of this matter was postponed
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    -cases yield to hypodermic injections of strychnia, from 1.20 to 1.60 gr.
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    A very interesting booklet authorized by the Secretary of War as a
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    The explanation of the displacement and rotation to the left of the
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    discussed for a few minutes, when it occurred to me that as laporatomy
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    to a predominance of the disease upon one or other side leading to bony de-
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    committees will be given by the chairmen of those committees and included
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    canal with silver- wire sutures in such a way as to close the four raw surfaces.
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    find him in the city, and immediately proceed to show his friendliness
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    of an immune rabbit was followed, as in the Klemperer cases, by fall of tem-
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    was associated with it as an editor. The medical press of this country,
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    The arc should occupy the gutter made by the hand of the operator, between
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    fee down to meet the wants of your patient, and sliding it up to measure
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    of arsenic and an anti-diabetic diet, which was not well tolerated, and
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    proposed spellings and terms. Among those propositions were the