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    the vagina and rectum. The right ovary was enlarged. Both ovaries, tubes,

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    found by his valet early in the morning of the following day, uncon-

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    fibrous nodules can be found disseminated through the liver and intes-

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    Association, held on May 14, the following resolutions were

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    the freezing point and boiling point of water on the celsius scale are respectively

    terrupted and the other continue. Usually, the two foetal cysts

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    ing. *'As both of these afferent and efferent functional disturbances are the

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    in solidity or regularity. 2. Of preserving entirely the position, the direction,

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    found this atrophy of the kidney to have taken place in a female where

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    distance of peripheral layer. These areas are composed of finely reticu-

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    operative pyelitis. The immunity, however, is of short duration, and for the

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    found it a hard experience for a couple of years, until he entered the

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    if the venous hum were audible when the patient is lying in a hori-

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    that physical rest shall be enjoined. It is a familiar fact that these cases

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    the localization by preference of the morbid process in the cerebro-spinal

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    Atlantic camps. But much remains to be done. Books are wanted

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    for operation. All should agree that there can be no regeneration of an

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    also present severe spinal (ataxic) and hysterical symptoms, reversed and

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    syphilis eight years before. No gonorrhoea, no history of phthisis.

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    with natural reproduction the least, and the highest are those which

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    ease of the vermiform process. Anatomic considerations, as well as the results of

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    was hoped would cure gouty affections more surely than colchicin and more

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    than massage and rest in bed, without any excessive feeding, the count

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    in patients affected with valvular heart lesions, particularly mitral as well

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    abides among its lonely hills, its misty mountain tops, the dawning

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    the hand and forearm movements. He cannot bring his forefingers

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    fail because of vomiting and diarrhea. In the hands of the authors the

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    standing the weakness of cardiac action. The patient vomited all that she

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    Primary Malignant Neoplasm of the Fallopian Tube, Probably Decidu-

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    possibility of suppuration in the maxillary sinus of the opposite side.

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    with his eyes open. With closed eyes this was a little increased.

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    A Practical Treatise on Materia Medica and Therapeutics. By Roberts Bartholow,

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    of IJskow. According to the suggestion of Thayer, we have made the

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    was found on the man's body, although carefully looked for, and none

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    necessitating the penetration of the solution through a thin layer of bacterial

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    fissure at the point where it approached most closely to the median line

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    dogs and children. Music or singing seems to awake in her no sense of appreciation

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    arterial tension. The foregoing symptoms of Brightism, if associated

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    stenographic report of what was said should be secured if possible in cases as im

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    formed an interesting study : a variable presystolic and asystolic murmur

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    is a meningitis with active vascular changes in the upper part of the

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    Seventeen distinctive body styles in open and enclosed cars in the Third Series Twin Six — 3-25 and 3-35

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    time the patient was very ill, she was emaciated, very prostrate, the fore-

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    microscopic examination, the doubt existed whether the disorganization

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    Word has been received of the safe arrival overseas of Major Charles W.

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    phia, Sunday morning, September 10th, after a lingering illness of

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    one of the earliest to call attention to the wide application of an anti-