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loid cancer occurring as an isolated manifestation of malignant disease.

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albuminous urine indicates either a degenerated kidney or some

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erty in behalf of the State of Indiana for the maintenance of medical

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The capacity of the hospital is. This institution is built upon the

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SECONDARY CANCER is by far the most common form of tumour of the

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Meeker to fill the chair of anatomy. Dr Baker having resigned the chair

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Ten with a mixture of Chro mate of Lead and Prussian

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weeks he was discharged. jSTeither in the pericardium nor in the

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characteristic of the condition termed biliousness.

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a cursory geological examination of the State and he made the first

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interruption of a speech by Samuel Hamill earlier in the day says

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the Committee discharged but the legislature showed its sentiment by

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recognition of a small liver is a matter of greater difficulty and generally

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that at that time anybody should be worrying about what effect Western

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which time he became a great reader and this coupled with an active

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restore the McCabe law of although they have had the legislature

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report of the Commission appointed in this case as at Paris was

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brane become more implicated than any other portion of the sympathetic

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homogeneous masses thus formed being at times only with difficulty

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the prison building was completed which he did on October

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the kidney. This purulent impregnation is constant and if it fail

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in mud or on corduroy or sand. In the summer passenger

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on account of the rapidity with which the effusion takes place but

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who had been the subject of gonorrhoea and who had recovered