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    Orographic Precipitation Definition

    certainty and rapidity. The former is slight because excision may fail,

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    95 per cent of its total weight as fatty acid. The tissue fat, on the other

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    lying in the pharynx, and so little distended as not to

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    The children Avere all markedly anaemic, and a dusky or earthy tint


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    the labor to be hurried up. The arched surface of the palm of my hand fits so

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    to be carried out, and the plan put in operation, in

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    developed a PO 2 of less than 50 mm/Hg during or after the

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    and deliberate investigation, the result of which was

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    lor temporary duty at Fort Maginnis, M. T. S. O. 23, Depart-

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    one muscle group causes the antagonistic muscular groups to perform their

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    the subject of death by decapitation, with the object

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    the bolt. The follower is made of a strip of pine 1x5x18

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    opposite to the above variety, namely, iron, gentian, etc.,

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    its concomitant and persistent symptoms. We are now in pos-

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    posterior superior spine of the ilium, marked by a dimple,

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    not, enter into the calculations of those whose condition calls

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    RA.TEK:— Recherohes Anatomico-pathologiques sur les Capsules Sur-

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    teacher of ophthalmology, and to have aimed at making a con-

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    the incision through which the abscess was drained; its size is 7J cm. by